27 December 2012

Endow your School Management Software with our Link2school


The School Management System become an authoritarian so transmit with anyone is also difficult in current situation. But still we commune with everyone, so we taken this problem in our concentration and finally came up with our new techniques and services. 

Yes absolutely...!!!! Now Students – Parents- Management all rooted in a single line..

Our Link2school Product:
Link2school learn is a highly innovative user-friendly web based learning management for K-12 schools. 

The whole academic and  administrative process can be integrated and automated in Link2school.

It is one of the destination point for the student / Faculty/ Parents to communicate. 

The New process of ,
Link2school package includes services such as 'virtual Classroom', which allows a direct interaction between the student and the professor through the internet using computer monitors, in addition to providing several special internet offers for school students. 

Link2school services allowing students to attend virtual classes and interact with the professors through the internet and take the educational experience on another online level.

And  virtual classes offers wide variety of interactive tools to maintain as real classroom feeling as possible.

Here the following details will explain you how to interact with our
Link2school services

Functional areas focused in Link2school:

Registration Management:

It allow the user friendly registration process

Content Management:

The optional tool support for  multiple type of  learning document and version control to track changes.

Learner Management:

All the learner management process can be done with this like courses management,Learners assessment,Alert for automated notification,and user activity and attendance.

Performance Management:


The performance reports such as Examination and test management can be tracked in performance management.

Collaboration Center:

Its allow to discuss with others via mail, chat,discussion forums to get the feedback regarding courses.

User Management:

Can add the user and we can assign roles for them and set permission for other stuffs

And the previous statement explained you that what are the functional areas focused in Link2school

Now we will see how the Link2school
services helps people in such way.

Our Services for Parents:

A simple means of communication channel to pass information without buying as a new and also avoiding them to pay for the information they receive.

Easy way of procuring the school applications and thereby submitting the same to the school again without wasting time.

Reach of information / announcement / reports and other details of their children without any third medium like diary, going to the school to meet the teachers regularly.

Informing the leave on behalf of their children to the school management, from their convenient place.

Our Services for Teachers:

Easy communication to the parents and administration

Informing leave to the school administration from their convenient place, in unavoidable circumstances

Independency and time flexibility in reviewing student’s assignments

To avoid frequent reporting in management about the attendance and performance of the student in examinations
Easy cataloging, renewals, reservations in library for the students.

Our Services for Administrative Staff:

Easy allocation of fees to the students and generation of fee payment receipts


Manage the available resources in the school

To create timetable effortlessly without consuming days and weeks

Knowledge of Up-to-date details of the school in any desired time

Distributing circulars, announcements to the student, staff and parents without wasting or spending in stationary resources

These are the services we are providing for a school management system

Hopefully the information provided here will give the complete knowledge of our 
Link2school product.

Closing Note:

Technology offers so many prospects and continually brings exciting new ways that we can communicate with each other and to share,learn.
Link2school also moving on the same path, the new web-based training module with the millions of participants and thousands of facilities so as part of this process individual and organization actively adapt the technology with the ease...

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e-Mail:  info@link2school.com

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08 May 2012

Simple Algebra Training Course | OpenSesame

Course Summary:

  • Algebraic expressions
  • Balancing equation method
  • Equation solving by add or subtract same number in the equation


  • English

Course features:

  • 30 min
  • Audio Narration
  • Simulation

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03 January 2012

Most Visited Websites in 2011

2011 had been over and gone. Now it’s the time to analyze and in the same way Nielsen reviewed the top online destinations, social media sites, and smartphone devices and released its report on Wednesday. According to which Google top the list of most visited site (web brand)of 2011 and beat its rival social network Facebook.

Although Facebook remains most popular among the social networks sites.Among video brands you tube ranked the 1st position and overall captured the 3rd most visited online destination for the visitors.

2011 was the year of smart phones and Apple top the list of smart phones makers. Here are given below the top 10 in the respective fields.

According to Nielsen research data:-

Top 10 Web Brands in 2011:


Web Brand

Unique Visitors in

Thousands/ month

1st Google 153,441
2nd Facebook 137,644
3rd Yahoo! 130,121
4th MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 115,890
5th YouTube 106,692
6th Microsoft 83,691
7th AOL Media Network 74,633
8th Wikipedia 62,097
9th Apple 61,608
10th Ask Search Network 60,552