03 June 2011

June' 2011 – Chennai –Campus Management System free for Schools

Link2School is made available free for Schools under Software as a service (SaaS) model. Link2School is a comprehensive campus management system that has modules such as Profile Management, Admission management, Fee management, Students management, teachers management to hostel management, event management and Library management.

Link2School will develop a beautiful website for the client as a first step and starting from collecting fee, students enrollment, allotment of students to classes, fee receipts, creating individual profile for students and teachers, regular updates to parents via email and SMS on their children's performance and progress, sending alerts to students, assessing teachers' capabilities through feed backs and evaluating their training requirements and managing the transportation of students and managing the year round event calendar to managing the library and allotting books, a school can transform into a fully equipped tech campus.

While announcing about the free installation, Mr. Mohamed Elyas, CEO of White House Business Solutions said, "The school need not spend any money for procuring hardware and software to install and maintain the system. All that a school needs to provide for successful implementation is to appoint a part time coordinator, with whom White House will work and understand the school's process and customize the solution for the school. We also take up advanced level of customization to suit to the school's specific requirement".

Further he added,"we have this offer open only until July 31st as we are getting a lot of inquiries and we are very keen on fulfilling all our clients' every single requirement. As we have lot other services like e-content, we are planning to put them all together and make it a one stop solution for any school/college wishing to impart education through technology to their students."

Pay as You Go:

The school campus management system is now priced on the number of students a school has as an introductory offer. While introducing this new offer Mr. Mohamed Elyas said, "We understand the huge cost involved in setting up the complete campus management system for a small sized school and thus we decided to price the software based on the number of students a school has. So, the pricing will not be a burden for the school management no matter they are a big school or small one"

The school can enjoy:

  • Effective maintenance of student and staff database

  • Easy tracking of student or staff.

  • Facility to intimate notices, Events, Holidays, student Attendance and marks to parents

  • Schools can be very transparent and quick in communicating with parents as there is no extra hard work required.

  • Automation of important units like fees and library can effectively eliminate any ambiguity and loss of property and liquidity of the school.

  • Online assignment submission.

  • Online analysis of performance.

  • Easy compilation of exam reports and performance analysis.

  • Exam results can be viewed by the student and parent, online.

  • Flexible and customizable to suit individual schools needs

  • Support for RFID Tags, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Mobile SMS/Text/IM and Barcode

  • Effectively increases the productivity and efficiency of the office management staff, due to automation.

custom e-content creation for educational institutes, corporates and training companies. For further queries, please contact: info@link2school.com or call us @ 044-2561 9000 / 2561 9090 /044 2561 9113

For more details, Please click here http://www.link2school.com

02 June 2011


Link2School Brings Innovative Technological

School Management Software Link2School - Solutions for schools to enhance online academic experience, complement educational offerings and achieve competitive advantage. Through the years of working with many distinguished educators, educational institutions and ministries of education worldwide, we’ve devised solutions and approaches for schools to advance educational missions and goals with increased efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Link2School - School Learning Management System (LMS) solutions help schools meet today's rapidly changing and increasing demands of educational environment by:

* Enhancing academic experience (Educate)
* Ensuring students achievement (Assess)
* Improving education stakeholders engagement (Collaborate)
* Managing resources and operations efficiently (Manage)

Built after a thorough research in educational institutions, Link2School is a package of various management systems.

To serve our customer needs and for their budget range, we also offer the following management systems as separate packages:

* Admission management system

* Attendance management system

* Timetable generation system

* Examination management system

* Fee management system and

* Library management system

For more details, Please click here http://www.link2school.com