03 January 2012

Most Visited Websites in 2011

2011 had been over and gone. Now it’s the time to analyze and in the same way Nielsen reviewed the top online destinations, social media sites, and smartphone devices and released its report on Wednesday. According to which Google top the list of most visited site (web brand)of 2011 and beat its rival social network Facebook.

Although Facebook remains most popular among the social networks sites.Among video brands you tube ranked the 1st position and overall captured the 3rd most visited online destination for the visitors.

2011 was the year of smart phones and Apple top the list of smart phones makers. Here are given below the top 10 in the respective fields.

According to Nielsen research data:-

Top 10 Web Brands in 2011:


Web Brand

Unique Visitors in

Thousands/ month

1st Google 153,441
2nd Facebook 137,644
3rd Yahoo! 130,121
4th MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 115,890
5th YouTube 106,692
6th Microsoft 83,691
7th AOL Media Network 74,633
8th Wikipedia 62,097
9th Apple 61,608
10th Ask Search Network 60,552


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